The Southern Delaware Intergroup
of Alcoholics Anonymous

Our service area includes the following cities and towns in Delaware:  Bethany, Dagsboro, Fenwick, Frankfort, Georgetown, Laurel, Lewes, Milton, Ocean View, Rehoboth Beach, Seaford, and Selbyville.
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SDI Bylaws

adopted April 5, 2012

The name of this unincorporated organization shall be “Southern Delaware
Intergroup” and shall be referred to hereinafter as “Intergroup.”

The purpose of the Intergroup shall be the administration and coordination of AA
activities common to the various groups comprising its membership. Intergroup’s scope
of operations shall be Sussex County, designated adjacent locales, as well as other
Intergroups within the State of Delaware.

The Twelve Traditions and the AA Guidelines are accepted, approved, and
adopted as guides regarding the conduct of Southern Delaware Intergroup.

The membership of Intergroup shall consist of each present AA group or any
future group, in the above-mentioned area, which shall elect to participate in Intergroup.
Said group shall elect a representative and if appropriate, an alternate representative.
Each participating group shall be entitled to one vote at meetings of Intergroup
representatives and each representative can represent only one group.

Regular meetings of the representatives shall be held the first Thursday of each
month at such time and place as shall be designated from time to time by the Chairperson
or the representatives.

ARTICLE V-Registration of Representatives attending Intergroup Meetings
All attendees shall sign in and indicate if they are a voting representative from
their respective group. This is for the purpose of establishing a vote count in the room
which will dictate the number of votes needed for a majority.

Intergroup meetings are open to all AA members; however, only officers of the
Intergroup and representatives have a vote in the proceedings. If an officer is the
designated representative of a group they can only cast one vote.

DCM’s*, the Delegate and other members of the AA Area Committee are
considered invited guests of Intergroup and may deliver reports pertinent to their
position. They cannot take part in the business proceedings of the Intergroup meeting
unless so recognized by the Chairperson. Example: cannot make motions or speak on
them.  (*DCM’s: District Committee Member)

The officers shall consist of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and


Section 1. The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of Intergroup and shall
participate as an “ex officio” member of all committees. The Chairperson shall appoint
all committees necessary to the orderly administration of the affairs of the association.
Said appointments shall be with the approval of the representatives. Term of office shall
be two years. Furthermore, the Chair shall be responsible for the preparation and
presentation of the annual budget, said presentation to be no later than the January

Section 2. The Vice-Chairperson shall perform all the duties of the Chairperson
when the Chairperson is absent for any reason. In addition, the Vice-Chairperson shall,
under the supervision of the Chairperson, oversee any special committee assignments as
designated by the Chairperson. Term of office shall be two years.

Section 3. The Secretary shall keep correct minutes of all meetings of the
Intergroup and be responsible for their safe keeping for his/her entire term of office.
Term of office shall be two years.

Section 4. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial records of all
monies paid to Intergroup, or any committee thereof. The Treasurer shall keep a monthly
record of all monies received and disbursed, report monthly the financial status to
Intergroup, and submit the books and records to audit as requested. The Treasurer shall
issue an annual report (calendar year) providing categorized revenues and expenditures.
Term of office shall be two years.

The Treasurer and/or the Chairperson shall have authority to sign checks issued
against the Southern Delaware Intergroup. Checks for amounts exceeding $200.00 shall
be signed by both officers.

Officers shall be elected in a staggered manner to aid in the continuity of office
and ease transition. The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson shall be elected in odd
numbered years, and the Secretary and Treasurer in even numbered years. Chairperson
will appoint a Nominating Committee at the September meeting who will prepare a slate
of nominees for election. The Nominating Committee will present their nominees at the
October meeting.

The representatives at the November meeting shall elect officers to fill the
appropriate positions for that given year. All newly elected officers shall assume their
duties in January. Nominations from the floor may be made at the November meeting.
In the event an office becomes vacant for any reason whatsoever between annual
elections, the Chairperson shall give notice of an election to fill such vacancy at the next
regularly scheduled meeting.

Standing Committees are, but not limited to: CPC/PI*, Corrections, Where and
When, Newsletter, Answering Service, Treatment, Website, Archives and Special Events.
*CPC/PI: Cooperation with the professional Community/Public Information
The committee chairs are appointed by the IGCHMN*, and are approved by the
membership. They are not elected offices.

Term of office is two years and expires with the election of a new IGCHMN. This is in
accordance with AA’s Spirit of Rotation. In the event of a vacancy occurring, the
IGCHMN shall appoint a replacement to fulfill the TERM of the original appointment.
Any person appointed to fulfill a vacancy IS NOT prohibited from making themselves
available to fulfill a full term concurrent appointment (i. e. succeed themselves).
Committee chairs are responsible for their budgets and should maintain accurate records.
Some committees will have bills paid for them by the treasurer such as printing,
telephone bills, etc. Others will be managed by the chair person. Committee chairs
cannot spend more than 50% (fifty per cent) of their budget in one transaction without
first reviewing same with IGCHMN.  (*IGCHMN: Intergroup Chairman)

Any monies given directly to a committee by an individual or group must be processed
through the Treasurer like any other monies received by Intergroup. Said money can be
earmarked for the intended committee, but it must be recorded properly. Any material
items given directly to a committee chairperson for the use of his/her committee, i. e. Big
Books, etc., must be properly reported to Intergroup.

The activities of the association shall be financed by (a) contributions from
Member Groups; (b) individual AA member contributions; and (c) income derived from
such projects or activities as may be authorized from time to time by the representatives.

In order to be eligible to hold an office of Intergroup, a member should have at
least two years of continuous sobriety and some service experience. In order to serve as a
committee chairperson a member should have at least one year continuous sobriety.

All officers of Intergroup may be subject to RECALL by a majority vote at a duly
constituted meeting.

The by-laws may be amended at any time by a two-thirds majority of the
members at any regular meeting, provided that a copy of the proposed amendment has
been submitted to the membership one month prior to the vote.

to download a copy of the Southern Delaware Intergroup Bylaws, click here
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